Why You Need A Library Card in Your Twenties

Having a library card makes me feel like Matilda. It automatically opens up doors to vast worlds awaiting you in the thousands of books available at your fingertips. Being a member of your public library is something I think every young twenty-something should do. It surprisingly can bring abundant happiness and opportunities to nourish not only your mind but your soul….and for free.

I just got my library card (my first one since being a kiddo!!) at one of the best public libraries in Brooklyn and I have to say I am in love with being a member. Read on to see just why I love having my card and why you should get one too!

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  1. Reading helps our vocabularies grow.

    Not only that, but it makes us better at spelling. This is so beneficial for young twenty-somethings as we are entering the career workplace and want to be up to bar with our written communication skills. Reading books in any category allows you to easily learn new words and strengthen your memory of ones you already know. Polishing up never hurt anybody!

  2. There are literally hundreds of books to pick in any given category.

    Having a library card allows you to check out and take home the books you love. This is a great way to test-read that hit that just was named a New York Times Bestseller, try out a recipe from a cookbook you might not otherwise venture to, look at archives of old fashion magazines, binge the series from your favorite authors and so much more. This is amazing because you can explore new things you might otherwise not want to risk spending money on. You will also save so much money by not buying or renting these books, but instead, checking them out for free.

  3. A place to cozy up in the winter and cool down in the summer.

    Ditch your AC or heat for the day and go to the library to use theirs. Bring or find a book and settle down to have an enjoyable read at a moderate temperature. Plus, most libraries have a little cafe where you can grab a coffee or pastry! Yum!

  4. Free events.

    Most public libraries offer a wide range of events throughout the year. If you go onto their website or visit in person you can check out all that is being offered. These can vary from gaming sessions, to help with your resume, to a place to talk about current policies.

  5. A quiet space to get personal or professional work done.

    You either are an at home worker or you’re not. I totally am an at home worker. For instance, I absolutely love getting comfy in my bed or couch and working the day away on my computer. Of course, there is the tempting nap and food in the fridge but hey, those are all just perks, baby. If you aren’t an at home worker and enjoy working in coffee shops or at your college library, then the public library is a great space for you to go. There is plenty of space for your laptop and papers to spread out, zone out, and get to work.

  6. Nostalgia.

    Honestly need I say more? Some of you might also have memories of being a kid and getting to go to your public library. The kid’s section was AH-mazing. Ours was filled with princess castles, fun fluffy rugs, bean bags, and couches, toys and dolls, and so much more. I loved going with my little sister to the library on a rainy summer day and getting cozy by a window and reading the day away (I loved Hansel and Grettle even though it used to totally scare me)

  7. You always have something new.

    You can continuously check out books (two weeks usually is the “at home” time-frame and then you can request more time). It is fun to always have a new treasure coming into your hands. If you get a book and don’t like it? Who cares! Bring it back, drop it off and select a new one you can’t wait to devour!

  8. Become a bookie.

    Seriously, if you ever used to love reading but have gotten out of the groove (it happens to all of us) this is a great place to re-spark that interest. Plus, all of the employees will have top of the line recommendations on some great books to feed your reading addiction! There is so much just waiting to be explored by your mind!

  9. It is FREE to become a library card member!

    I still really love that this is free to do. One of the very very few things in our day and age that is free to join and chock full of beneficial perks. Win-win!

I highly highly recommend to anyone who enjoys reading (or even just looking at books) to join their public library! You genuinely can’t go wrong with getting your own library card and I’m pretty sure it will bring you happiness and open your mind to create new ideas and thoughts. Plus, you’re totally a cute girl with one!!

Who else is a bookworm and are going to join (or already have) their public library and get a library card!?

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