How To Have The Best Staycation Ever: Tips and Tricks

It seems to be more and more prevalent for people to be taking staycations — I myself love them and feel like I take a staycation every weekend (hehe). With long work schedules, packed hotels, little ones, expenses, or whatever it might be keeping you in town, be sure to make the most out of it.

Staying at home can actually be really rejuvenating and fun!

Below are my tips for making the most out of a staycation:

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Yup – you heard that right. Unplug from all of your social devices. Log off of your computer. Heck even turn it off. Similarly, put away your cell phone. By doing this, you will feel like you can’t be reached, but in a good way.

Whenever I go on vacations I suddenly become MIA (my friends can all vouch for this) because I want to fully unplug and truly enjoy every single bit of where I am going. Especially when traveling out of the country and not having cell service and it honestly feels good.

For anyone that has traveled internationally, you know what I mean. It’s a feeling of being free from all the social pressures back home.

Not being able to constantly scour the Internet, respond to emails, or check your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see what all your friends are up to. Just this alone will free up so much of your time. And that gives you the time to do things for you!


Finding your space will vary for each individual and is totally up to you, my friend.

When I think of a vacation (especially tropical) I know there are downtimes involved. Think of where you might want that downtime to be spent. For me, I love cozying up on a nice couch -preferably outside-, a hammock, or a little nook where I can spread out (or curl up) and do my thing. AKA nap time. Just kidding, haha, although it does usually lead to that.

The benefits of finding a space outside mean fresh air, which for those who work a long schedule inside, tend to not have time for. Afterall, being outside is good for you in so many ways. Feeling the warmth or chill of the wind against your skin, the sound of birds chirping, the smell, and the sun. Getting some rays (with adequate sunscreen please) is always nice too – we all need some of that vitamin D.

Another easy way to find a good downtime space is by changing it up! Spend time somewhere out of your ordinary spaces. For instance, it could be a cute little cafe nearby or a girlfriends house. Or even the side of the couch that gets neglected from time to time (sorry, couch!).

Doing this will make you feel less stuck in your daily routine. Which helps to make the time spent there more unique and special feeling.


Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like reading books has become less and less of a thing. I remember being younger and having the excitement of falling into a fantasy land with your books. Especially during summer vacation. Getting so sucked in that the whole afternoon would pass you by and it would suddenly be time for dinner.

Let’s get back to that time. Go buy a copy of that book or magazine you have been wanting to read – or pick up the one you haven’t finished yet. Pick a cozy spot and read read read.

Plus, reading is not only fun but really good for your brain!


Whether it is a hike you have been wanting to tackle, going out (or staying in) for a leisurely breakfast, catching up with some old friends, painting that sketch you made months ago, cooking your favorite meal, going to the movies, relaxing at the beach, anything.

Do what you have been neglecting. It will feel good to check these wants off your list. It will also feel more like a vacation if you allow yourself to do these wants or perhaps needs.

P.S. Honestly, you can even do s’mores at home over the stove (or a chiminea or fireplace) – this is so fun, but please be careful. My college roommate and I made s’mores so frequently in our dorm in the oven on plates. Haha.

If there’s a will, there’s a way. And it seems for me and s’mores – there is always a way.


Isn’t a vacation all about treating yourself? Well, at least part of it is. Regardless of big or small pleasures – a vacation usually checks off a lot of these boxes. What should make a staycation any different? Nothing! So pamper yourself if you so, please. And pampering yourself can mean a bunch of different things. Taking a nap for half the day? Well sure you dang go do that! Going to get a mani/pedi or massage, yes, please!

However, if you can’t get out of the house or simply don’t want to, you could always do a fun DIY spa day at home. There are tons of ideas online to suit your needs.

And there you have it! A list of five totally doable yet hugely fun and impactful ways to help you relax and enjoy your staycation. After all, staying in doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Because you don’t need to go far to have a great time.

Let me know in the comments how you enjoy spending your staycation! I’d love to hear how you unwind and make the most out of staying at home.

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